04 June 2005

I wish they'd listen to their own rhetoric sometimes

From AP via Yahoo:
The White House on Friday played down a report in which U.N. weapons inspectors documented additional materials missing from weapons sites in Iraq.
OK, fair enough. They say they're doing OK; the UN says they're not. He said, she said, at least until the UN can get in there and look.

The report quotes Scott McLellan as saying the following:
We have been working closely with the government in Iraq to ensure that Iraq's former weapons of mass destruction personnel and proliferation materials do not contribute to proliferation programs in other countries.
... any looting was the work of uncoordinated elements rather than directed at an effort to try to export equipment to a country that might obtain or have a weapons of mass destruction program.
[McLellan] also noted that Duelfer had concluded that, since the looted materials are easily obtained elsewhere, "other governments are not likely to look to Iraq to buy used versions of it."
Notice anything missing here?

That's right, the biggest danger from this is not that the materials would go to other states; it's that they would go to non-state actors, aka terrorists. This, after all, was the nightmare scenario that this Bush administration wanted us to be scared of. Have they now decided it's not worth worrying about?