04 June 2005

So that's where they are

US intelligence sources are saying that many terrorists are living in Iran.

This always seemed much more likely than the "Iraq! Terrorists! 9/11!" nexus relentlessly promoted by the Bush administration. After all, in contrast to the almost total lack of common ground between Saddam Hussein and, say, al-Qaeda, there's a fair amount of ideological overlap between the Islamic fundamentalists who control Iran and the Islamic fundamentalists who are engaged in terrorism.

It's unclear what options the US has with Iran at this point. Military attack other than bombing seems out of the question: the US Army is already overstretched. Besides, Iran is a much larger country than Iraq, and it hasn't been already devastated by sanctions, as Iraq was. So it wouldn't be the, um, cakewalk that Iraq has been.

So, what? Sanctions? Convincing countries other than Israel to join in either military or economic attacks may prove difficult; the US's credibility at this point is pretty low.

I expect a lot of rhetoric, but little action.