05 June 2005

Kerry calls for impeachment of Bush?


Al-Jazeera is reporting that John Kerry is planning to call for the impeachment of Bush, based on the information in the "Downing Street memo" which said that, in 2002, the Bush administration had already decided to attack Iraq and that "the intelligence and facts were being fixed around the policy".

Neither the US nor UK government has disputed the authenticity of the memo. It's been very big news in Britain, but has hardly been mentioned in the US media — and as far as I can tell, the right-wing blogosphere has been ignoring it as well. Only on the lefty blogs has it made much of a splash.

Even if Kerry is really going to call for impeachment, I think it's very unlikely to happen, given the political makeup of Congress. Most of the House Republicans seem to feel that it's really OK for Bush to have lied the country into war. The ends, whatever they may be, are seen to justify the means, which include tens of thousands of bodies, the trashing of our international reputation, and the squandering of our nation's wealth.

But I think Kerry should go ahead. At least it'll raise the visibility of this memo, and maybe the next time a President wants us to go to war, we'll ask for more and better evidence.