19 July 2005

Just that one niggling detail


I've been waiting for this for a while now — an easy-to-implement wireless mesh. This allows computers with wireless cards to serve as both wireless routers and access points, and to connect to each other. Users can connect to any computer on the mesh, and use the mesh to access other resources on the mesh, including Internet connections.

The great virtue of this is that an area can be blanketed with Net access at fairly low cost. Even in a place like Phnom Penh, much of the city likely has a high enough concentration of computers to run this.

The problem here would be political. Presumably, the shared Internet connection would be government-provided, and this would deprive the minister of his take.

What really intrigues me is the combination of this and WiMax. A relatively few solar-powered WiMax stations could blanket a small country like Cambodia with access to the Internet.

Thanks to WorldChanging for pointing me to this.