18 July 2005

Cambodia bloggers in the news


Big congrats to Tharum, who was featured in a front-page article in the Cambodia Daily last week — I'd give you a link, but they haven't put the article online yet. (Hint, hint...)

And The Phnom Penh Post covered the blogger meetup as follows:
Casual observers were at a loss for precise words for how to describe the blogger confab that took place at the Cantina restaurant on the riverfront last Sunday.
Let me suggest that the only reason the "observers" had a hard time with this was due to chemical and/or herbal assistance.
Proprietor Hurley Scroggins was comparing the meeting to a 60s-style Be-In.
I think Proprietor Scroggins just really, really wanted it to be a 60s event.
There were murmurs that it might have lasting import equivalent to the secret central committee meeting that took place at the Phnom Penh Railway Station back in 1962.
I certainly hope not — I think the writer is referring to the 1960 meeting at which Pol Pot started to gain real power.
The name "The First Annual Phnom Penh Bloggers Convention" was tried on for size, but in the end, one of the mysterious bloggers on hand, who said he goes by the code name "Jinja", described it as a "pub night".
We're planning to get together more often than annually. And we're not all that mysterious, even if some of us use our blog names to avoid parental problems.
"We're just mapping out the blogosphere," said Jinja, who added that he thought there were about 20 blogs in Cambodia.
I'm glad they got their quote from Jinja — I wasn't being very coherent that night.
One key item learned at the event was that those who work for newspapers are called "dead tree bloggers".
Yes, well, this was just a throwaway line of mine which got picked up and worried to death by the Proprietor.

Still, we're glad that the Phnom Penh Post and Cambodia Daily covered the event, and look forward to seeing them at the next one.