19 July 2005

The Weather Channel, false prophet of doom


Courtesy The Poor Man, this rant from the pastor of a church "recognized by President Ronald Reagan" (you'd think Reagan would've had more sense):
...we do not need "experts" from a supposedly reputable national weather source making it their life's work to try and scare people half to death!

One must wonder what the purpose of all the hype and hysteria put out by The Weather Channel might be! Are they simply trying to increase TV ratings? Are they trying to herd people like cattle? Do they really believe that Gulf Coast residents are not smart enough to know what to do and how to act in the face of an oncoming storm? Or, perhaps they are attempting to create fear and panic to the point that we lose our will and common sense and become mindless servants to "the experts."
And here I was thinking of the Weather Channel as benign, something placid for Paul & Jamie Buckman to watch in zen-like communion. Now I know better. Now, I can not watch it for much better reasons than before.