07 July 2005

It's official — nothing's produced in DC


The last farm inside the Washington, DC, beltway has been sold. A strip mall is planned for the site.

I always admired those who kept places they liked, despite considerable financial pressure to sell them. There's a very flash department store in Tokyo which has a notch out of one side of the building, because they were unable to convince the owner of a wooden shack, which houses a century-old fish restaurant, to sell out. And a business park I often visited in Houston — IBM had their offices there — had one single-family dwelling in it. It was always a little surreal, looking out over the office buildings and suits, and there, right in the middle of it all, the house's owner would be taking their trash out to the curb in his bathrobe. I hear, though, that they have since died, and their heirs sold the house, which has been demolished.

Change happens, sure, and the world would be pretty boring without it. But it's still nice to have reminders of what was.