08 February 2006

Virtual war. We all knew it was coming.

I, for one, didn't expect it to be against the Danish. Apparently, crackers in the Muslim world have been attacking Danish websites in retaliation for, um, some cartoons. See, this is why they say that "truth is stranger than fiction". From the article:
The number of Danish websites alone - those carrying a '.dk' suffix - knocked offline in the past week numbered 578 between 30 January and 6 February, according to Zone-H.org, a cyber-crime observatory that tracks website defacements. Hundreds more websites of European, Israeli and American companies and private citizens have also been defaced during that period, with the vast majority occurring after the re-publication last week of the cartoons in European newspapers.
It is a little worrying, how many sites were vulnerable. With any luck, these attacks will help strengthen defenses as weaknesses are exposed.

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