06 December 2005

What's Diebold hiding?

I used to write software in a regulated industry, and one of the first things we did was to make sure that we kept all versions of our product software around so that if a problem occurred, we would be able to find out what went wrong and, if necessary, fix it in the current version of the software.

If we had wanted to hide (entirely hypothetical) prior software misdeeds, it would have been necessary to prevent others from seeing our old code.

Which is why, when Diebold refuses to put into escrow their software that runs voting machines, as required by North Carolina, I immediately suspect that they're trying to hide something in their code.

The commenters at Slashdot, on the other hand, seem to think that this is mostly about hiding the criminal past of much of Diebold's staff (scroll down a bit).

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