18 September 2005

Ah, the good old days

I was an undergraduate at Rice University for a very long time. Twelve years, to be exact. During all that time, the football team (we're talking American football here, not that wimpy soccer stuff) was always the whipping boy of the conference. One year, the team was named the worst in the nation in the Penthouse list. This caused great joy among the students, as it allowed us to chant "we're number 1!" at games.

One memorable year, we lost to LSU 77-0 one week, and then 72-15 to Texas the next, scores which stretch the limits of what's possible, given the limited time available during a game. The latter score was considered a moral victory, since no one had scored as much against Texas that season. This was somewhat tempered by their having sent in their cheerleaders to play the last quarter,

Disappointingly, Rice fell out of first place in Penthouse, and has since been only middling bad. But this week, hearteningly, Rice lost to Texas 51-10, giving this old Owl hopes that once again students will throng one small section of the stadium, screaming "we're number 1!"

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