18 December 2005

Henry Moore sculpture stolen

There's a Henry Moore in Houston, in a fairly little-visited (mostly because you have to get out of your car) spot off Allen Parkway, and I remember thinking up a way to steal it, and wondering how long it would be before anyone noticed.

As it turns out, someone did recently steal one of his pieces from his Hertfordshire estate. The article mentions that the thieves may simply have wanted it to sell for scrap.

From prices posted on the Internet, it seems that the thieves could only expect to net about $5-6K from selling the bronze, which hardly seems enough to justify the risk, not to mention the trouble of hiring a crane and a flatbed truck, and then melting the sculpture down. I mean, given that you've got a crane and the truck, why not just steal a nice car or two?

It seems far more likely that they wanted the sculpture, not just the metal. I wonder whose back yard will soon be featuring it.

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