17 December 2005

Bush, unindicted co-conspirator?

Robert Novak, who first published Valerie Plame's name, has been claiming of late that President Bush knows who leaked her name. In response, Bush said:
Although I have no first-hand knowledge of this leak, I have asked all White House staff to sign a statement that they did not reveal Ms Plame's identity as an undercover CIA operative to anyone not authorized to have that information. Anyone who refuses to sign such a statement will be suspended from further duties, and the case turned over to the Attorney General for investigation and possible trial.
I jest, of course. That only happens when adults with a sense of responsibility and accountability are in charge. What Bush really said in response to Novak's claim was this:
I appreciate his bold assertion.
What a weasel. The man can't even answer a simple yes or no question about what he himself knows. Good thing it's only about possible treason, and not extramarital sex, or he might find himself impeached. But of course I jest yet again—this Republican Congress will never hold Bush to any standard whatsoever.

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