12 September 2005

Looking for something to get mad about

The right wing of the blogosphere seems determined to get all outraged over the proposed design of the Flight 93 memorial. Said design incorporates a red crescent shape, and crescents are associated with Islam. One appears on the Pakistani flag, for example, and on the Turkish flag, and mosques often have a star and crescent at the top of their domes and minarets.

OK, true enough. But do the wingnuts really want to cede the moon and everything involving a circular arc to Islam? What about the crescent roll, which is said to commemorate the Austrian victory over the Turks at Vienna, a victory which stopped their conquest of Europe? What about the Crescent City — is this the hidden reason why Bush seemed so willing to let it be wiped out? And are we going to have to get rid of the third letter in the alphabet? And you know, the colonnades around St Peter's Square...

New Orleans is dying, and this is what they're worrying about?

P.S. Attaturk over at Sadly, No! proposes renaming crescent rolls as "freedom rolls".

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