15 August 2005

Do you have a web page yet?

Google and Yahoo! are currently tussling over whose picture of the web is the most complete. Yahoo! has 19.2 billion pages listed, whereas Google only has 8.1 billion. Google is saying that Yahoo! has many duplicate pages, something Yahoo!, of course, disputes. And a quick check for my name on the two turned up 72,200 pages on Yahoo! (including two that are really me in the top 10) versus "abouwt 21,000" on Google (I've got my language set to "Elmer Fudd" on Google).

In either case, though, the number of pages is greater than the number of people on the planet, which astounds me, given the large number of people who don't use the net at all. But then, I suppose that I've created enough pages to make up for all the net slackers in my neighborhood here in Phnom Penh.

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