15 August 2005

Fun with propaganda the North Korean way

For a taste of what propaganda looks like when done by amateurs, head on over to NK News and take a look at their compendium of North Korean stuff. From the Hall of Fame:
Not content to let Western democracies corner the market on outrage over nation-splitting concrete walls, North Korea has angrily demanded for years that South Korea tear down a 240 km, 10 m high concrete wall that transverses the entire width of the Korean peninsula, running just below the DMZ. This demand would be exceedingly difficult for South Korea to meet, however, for the following reasons.

1. Dissembling the wall would take quite a bit of time
2. It would cost a lot of money
3. It would remove a deterant against a North Korean invasion
4. The wall doesn’t really exist

Of these, I happen to think that point #4 is the biggest obstacle, though no doubt others would disagree. The phantom wall was not-built in 1979, is 10-19 metres un-wide at bottom, 3-7 metres un-wide on the top...

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