01 July 2005

We'll just have to work with the president Iran has


It should come as no surprise should Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Iran's newly-elected president, turn out to have been one of those who took over the US embassy in Teheran and took 52 American hostages. After all, to Iranians at the time it seemed as though they were overthrowing the hated US-supported tyrant the Shah. Those who participated in the hostage-taking would have a lot of political credibility as a result.

The election was certainly flawed, as a result of the control religious authorities have over the political process. But Ahmadinejad is the new president of Iran, and the US will have to work with him. Unfortunately, the US administration, which picks and chooses which tyrants to support and which to condemn, seem to have decided to denigrate and further alienate someone they hope to convince not to restart Iran's nuclear program.

I wish they would learn that angering and ridiculing others is no way to persuade them.