27 June 2005

The world is becoming more dangerous


The Bangkok Post today is running a Reuters story that says that technology from Kh-55 cruise missiles, sold to Iran by Ukraine, may have then been transferred to North Korea. And now the newly-elected Iranian president has said that he plans to resurrect Iran's nuclear program.

These seem to support the idea that these countries learned from the Iraq war that they need to continue to develop nuclear weapons if they want to avoid being attacked by the US. (I think they should have learned not to become a neocon obsession.) Their desire for such weapons can only have been strengthened by the Bush administration's "if you're not with us, you're against us" rhetoric. Since they knew they weren't going to be with the US, they needed to become nuclear powers as soon as possible. And so belligerent, antagonistic, tongue-tied, hamhandedness hasn't had a good effect on others, and has degraded US national security. Who'd a thunk it?