13 July 2005

If he didn't name "names", does he know what the meaning of "is" is?


The White House is saying that it supports Rove. But I bet they're squirming over this:
Bush has said he would fire anyone found to have leaked Plame's name. An e-mail by Cooper that surfaced over the weekend in Newsweek magazine says Rove identified the woman as someone who apparently works at the CIA and that she authorized a trip to Africa for her husband, former Ambassador Joe Wilson. Rove's lawyer, Robert Luskin, says Rove did not disclose Plame's name to the Time magazine reporter.
So they're now reduced to arguing that when Rove said that Wilson's wife was a CIA agent, he didn't say Plame's name, despite the fact that Valerie Plame is Joseph Wilson's wife.

Does this mean that if I say that "The President of the United States is a lying cokehead deserter boogerhead", that I didn't say anything bad about George W. Bush?