17 May 2005

A convenient, and all too believable, scapegoat

You might not have heard about this - it doesn't seem to have gotten much play in the US - but several bombs went off in Rangoon on 7 May, with an official death toll of 19 (though unofficial reports have it much higher), and at least 160 injured. The Burmese government has been blaming this on the Karen rebels, but the word on the street is that the ruling junta did it themselves, to justify attacking the Karen under the rubric of "fighting terrorism". Handy excuse, isn't it?

Now the Burmese Information Minister is saying that a "world-famous organization of a certain superpower nation" (can you spell CIA?) funded this and supplied the explosives used.

While I do think that the US can support the various Burmese opposition groups in legitimate political and military struggle, these bombings are undoubtedly terrorism. I can only hope that the Information Minister is, once again, spreading falsehoods.