11 May 2005

Less humane than a dog

The American Street reports on the disparity between a dog which cared for a human baby which had been discarded in the trash, and the lack of care shown to a poor child by the state of Florida.

It reminded me of a filler from the Seattle Times several years ago (sorry - no link, and my clipping is in Seattle, so I don't even know the date):
Two homeless men, who found the children in an alley...took off their coats and shirts and wrapped them around the children
to keep them warm until medical help arrived.

This story still astounds me. These men, who every day were shunned and denigrated, literally gave the shirts off their backs - what were, I'm sure, among their very few possessions - to help someone in need. I think those of us who are living more comfortably should ask ourselves if we would do the same. And when we tell ourselves that of course we would, then we need to ask, well, why don't we? People are in need all around us.

Not a very comfortable feeling, to recognize our shortcomings in comparison to a couple of homeless men, is it?