07 August 2005

More people die in Iraq

The headline reads Two U.S. Troops Killed by Bomb in Iraq, and the article goes on to say that three Iraqis died in a drive-by shooting, while others were killed by a suicide car bomber.

That was just this morning's toll. The morbid drumbeat of death and destruction continues, and we still don't know why our troops are there, what the goals are, and if we're any closer to accomplishing them. The actions of the Bush administration belie their stated reasons for being there.

Now we're hearing that many troops may be pulled out in the next year, in time for the mid-term elections. Many are predicting a civil war as a result. If so, what did we gain there? Was it all really just to get rid of Saddam Hussein, so Bush could feel, for once in his life, that he'd been better at something than his father?

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