16 June 2005

This is getting ridiculous


Let's set aside, for the moment, the question as to whether John Bolton is the least diplomatic person ever nominated to be a diplomat. Instead, let's look at the games the White House is playing with the Senate. Democrats on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee requested some documents on Bolton from the White House, and are refusing to let his nomination go to the floor until they see those documents. They have said that it would be enough to be told if any of a few dozen names appear in those documents. Presumably, if they don't appear, that'll be the end of it. Now, Pat Roberts, the Republican chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, has offered to ask John Negroponte to look at the documents and see if a subset of seven names — chosen by Roberts — appear. Somehow, I think that he already knows that those seven do not.

The big question is, what's in those documents that the White House is so underhandedly trying to protect?