14 June 2005

It's hard to break old habits


From AP:
The new National Intelligence Director, John Negroponte, is not yet heeding a top recommendation of the Sept. 11 Commission to tear down barriers that divided U.S. spy agencies, one of the panel's Republican commissioners said Monday.
This is exactly what everyone should have expected from Negroponte. There is credible evidence that he knew about, and supported, the "death squads" in Honduras. He was involved in operations to secretly funnel arms and money to the contras in Nicaragua. He knew about, and apparently did not object to, serious violations of human rights on the part of the Nicaraguan government.

Negroponte's whole career has been based on secrecy and the hiding of criminal activity. Why would anyone think that he would encourage the sharing of information? He is an embarrassment to the United States, and was exactly the wrong choice for this job.